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About Us

Global Medical is a group of team-oriented individuals with a unique combination of leadership skills and a thorough knowledge of the medical device industry. Our team has been recognized for our extraordinary ability to improve component procedures and increase both efficiency and quality. We have exceptional problem-solving and troubleshooting skills enhanced by precise detail to drawings and specifications. We are adept in effective communication and in motivating team members to improve strategic goals and bottom-line objectives while meeting deadlines for our customers’ success.

Our History

Victor Lopez, founder of Global Medical Industries, has been in the field with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience. He is a dedicated, resourceful, innovative leader with a passion for creating high-quality medical implants and instruments.
Managing multiple projects for customers and working with a team of engineers to establish the best production procedures, he is recognized for his extraordinary ability to design components and procedures in order to increase efficiency and improve quality while reducing costs.
Acknowledged for his expertise in certain tools, technologies, techniques, and methodologies, Victor is bringing a team together to improve strategies, reduce costs, and deliver high-quality work with solid attention to detail.
Our Team and Advisors
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