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Global Medical is a full-service manufacturer, with both prototype and production resources, specializing in products for the medical device industry. Our expertise lies in the production of cost-effective, complex implants and instruments, including products for both upper and lower extremities, the spine, and large joint procedures.

Our team, with many years of experience in the medical device industry, is committed to providing the best possible service to our customers. To us, a high level of service means high quality, clear, concise and regular communication, and lead times you can count on. We recognize that our customers’ success ultimately will be our success.



  • Multi-Axis Milling

  • Wire EDM

  • Small Hole EDM

  • Swiss Turning

  • Tool Room Equipment: Grinding, Milling and Turning

  • Metal Finishing: Buffing, 

  • Laser Marking

  • Multiple CMM and Optical Comparators for both in-process and final inspection

When needed, we leverage our long-standing relationships with outside vendors to provide the following services:

  • Heat Treating

  • Anodizing

  • Electro-Polishing

  • Chrome Coating

  • Tin Coatings

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning and Packaging

  • Non-destructive Testing (Dye Penetrant and X-ray)

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